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Political Experience

Kenny worked as a pollworker assisting voters in his neighborhood during the 2004 General Election

Los Angeles


Kenny volunteers for the Obama for America Campaign, helping to spread the word about Barack Obama’s candidacy on Georgetown University’s campus

Washington, D.C.


Kenny volunteers for the Alex Sink for Governor Campaign, assisting the Florida CFO in coming just 1% shy of unseating the Republican governor

Tampa, Florida



Kenny enrolls into Georgetown University, moving to Washington D.C. and becoming acquainted with the Northern Virginia area while studying Political Science, English and Japanese

Washington, D.C.


After graduating, Kenny becomes a Summer Organizer for Organizing for America, organizing grassroots activists to advocate for the passage of the Affordable Care Act

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Kenny volunteers for the Obama 2012 Re-Election campaign, organizing local supporters, knocking on doors, and helping to ensure that President Obama carried pivotal Hillsborough County, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Meet Kenny Boddye

Kenny is driven first and foremost by caring and love for his community and the desire to help everyone in Occocquan – and throughout Prince William County – reach their fullest potential. As the child of biracial parents who struggled with issues like homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, and the death of a parent, Kenny has experienced firsthand some of the toughest challenges that life can present.

On the positive side, Kenny’s commitment to academics, hard work and guidance by teachers and other mentors led to his acceptance at the prestigious Georgetown University. In spite of his family’s difficult economic situation, Kenny pushed forward, securing enough funding through scholarships, student loans, and part-time jobs to complete his college education. As a result, Kenny earned a Bachelor’ in Political Science, with minors in English and Japanese, from Georgetown. Throughout his college career, Kenny stayed engaged with politics, both through his coursework and also by volunteering on Barack Obama’s historic 2008 presidential campaign.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, where he had his first experiences with the political process and community organizing during high school, Kenny has lived in the Northern Virginia region for over seven years and in Westridge for over three years. Kenny devotes his time to political activism, community organizing around issues of wealth inequality and social justice, and mentoring people of various grade levels on creative and collaborative writing. Kenny is chairman of the Prince William NAACP’s Criminal Justice Committee and has worked with groups that combat homelessness and childhood hunger. He is also chairman of the Occocquan Democratic Committee.

Professionally, Kenny works as a business development manager in the community association insurance industry, protecting communities from thefts and other crises.

Since moving to Prince William County – chosen for its economic opportunities and because of its diversity, engaging communities, scenic natural areas, and rich history – Kenny has fought to make the county a more welcoming, inclusive, safe and fair place to live for everyone. For instance, Kenny has advocated for increased mental health and rehabilitative services for returning citizens and those struggling with substance abuse. In addition, Kenny has organized around and advocated for Medicaid expansion, more transit options in our local community, increased pay for teachers, and updates to local nondiscrimination policies to protect the most vulnerable among us. Kenny has also devoted himself to educating citizens of the importance of voting, participating in voter registration drives, seminars, and other activities around expanding voting rights.

The bottom line is that Kenny cares. And because he cares, he wants everyone else to have access to the opportunities he’s had, so that they can get ahead in life as he has done.

As Occocquan’s representative on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Kenny will help them get ahead, by focusing on:

  • securing sufficient funding for our schools, including both teacher pay and also physical infrastructure – some of which is old and crumbling;
  • working on transportation solutions that are effective, affordable and environmentally sustainable;
  • helping to provide good jobs in the community, so that people don’t have to leave the county every day in order to earn a living; and
  • combating social problems like the opioid epidemic, homelessness and mental illness.

Kenny believes that all of these goals are achievable with strong leadership from our government, as opposed to the lack of leadership and divisive policies we’ve seen in recent years. And perhaps most importantly, with Kenny on the Board of County Supervisors, the people of Occocquan will always have someone who’s got their back, who listens to their concerns, and who works tirelessly to help every single member of our community.

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