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Meet Kenny

A husband and father, Supervisor Kenny Boddye has advocated for healthcare, criminal justice reform, education, and combating homelessness.

As your Occoquan District Supervisor, he has fought for more school funding, safer neighborhoods, accessible transit options, better jobs, and a sustainable, more inclusive future for all Prince William County residents.

What We Can Achieve Together

With Kenny on the Board of County Supervisors, the people of the Occoquan District always have someone who’s got their back, who listens to their concerns, and who works tirelessly to help every single member of our community.

Stronger, Safer Schools

Kenny has championed historic investments into our school system, and will continue to fight for stronger, safer school communities throughout the Occoquan District and beyond.

Housing Affordability

Kenny has been a strong advocate for inclusive zoning, missing middle housing, and other policies that improve housing affordability in our community. He will continue to fight for a future where our children and grandchildren aren’t priced out of the neighborhoods they grew up in.

Mental Health & Human Services

Under Kenny’s leadership, we have made real strides in fighting the mental health crisis. He will continue to advocate for programs that put our most vulnerable populations on the road to a thriving future.

Transportation And Transit

Kenny has supported vital expansions of our transit and transportation network, including Sunday bus service. He will continue to fight for a true multi-modal transportation network allow us to spend less time sitting in traffic and more time with our families.

Budget Priorities, Taxes, and Spending

Kenny has been on the forefront of diversifying our tax base and making our revenues less reliant on residential real estate taxes. He will continue to fight to ensure the richest corporations in the world are paying their fair share.

Jobs and Economic Development

As Supervisor, Kenny has worked with the business community to ensure our small businesses were able to survive and adapt to COVID-19. He will continue to work to attract quality employers who will create living wage jobs throughout the county.

Land Use and Combatting the Climate Crisis

Kenny has supported policies that bring a renewed focus on mixed use development and walkable communities. He also authored the county’s first clean energy and sustainability goals. He will continue to fight for a carbon-neutral future for Prince William County.

Public Safety, Fire and Rescue

Kenny has supported historic investments in our public safety personnel while advocating for more diversionary programs.  He will continue to champion collective bargaining for our public safety agencies and empower them to have the resources and compensation necessary to live where they work.

Embracing Diversity In Our Community

With collaboration from our state partners and community groups, Kenny has championed an end to discriminatory policies and agreements which divide our community. He wants to continue ensuring that our community is known for who it embraces rather than who it drives away; he will also work to ensure our community is more accessible to people with disabilities.

We believe in our community and making Occoquan a tranquil and prosperous place to live and raise a family. Every day in office is spent working to make that happen. Join us!

News From The Campaign

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